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SIREN is film about a young woman with an unusual gift: she is irresistible to all men because of her scent. LEIGH appears as the object of their desire, their ultimate fantasy, and the love they experience is immediate, desperate, and occasionally violent.  So Leigh is forced to live an isolated, lonely life in a house hidden away from society. One day, a storm breaks down the security system, and a mysterious man infiltrates her world. GUY, a handsome drifter, is apparently immune to her curse.  For years, Leigh has been in danger:  pharmaceutical companies, curious doctors, and jealous wives have all put her life at risk. Will Leigh be able to elude the dangers that encounter from every side, with Guy to protect her?  And will she, at long last, find true love??


SIREN stars Vinessa Shaw (“Leigh”), known for her work in a range of films, including TWO LOVERS, EYES WIDE SHUT, and HOCUS POCUS. In 2013, she’s featured in PUNCTURE, COME OUT AND PLAY, and Steven Soderbergh’s SIDE EFFECTS.  Also starring is Rob Kazinsky (“Guy”), who is currently shooting a series regular role on TRUE BLOOD, and who achieved stardom after years on the popular British show EASTENDERS. He’ll next be seen in Guillermo del Toro’s PACIFIC RIM.  Ross Partridge (“Carl”) has starred in independent hits like THE OFF HOURS, BAGHEAD and BLACK AND WHITE; and Bess Wohl (“Agnes”) has appeared in films like FLIGHTPLAN and MUST LOVE DOGS, and is also an accomplished playwright.


Born in London, Jesse Peyronel settled in the US after graduating from NYU’s Film program. His award-winning short, SWIMMING OUT TO HOLLY, premiered at Sundance in 2001. Jesse has written pilots for ABC and ABC Family, and has had TV specials produced and aired on Nickelodeon. In 2009, he joined NBC’s Writers On The Verge program. Jesse is currently a writer on NBC/SKY’s new drama, DRACULA, set to air fall 2013.  SIREN is his feature film debut as a writer and a director.


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